re: 15 Refraction

ncmarleer Mar 1, 2010 7:32 am
Ch.15 consists of a packet on the computer and two labs. Partner 1 has the Refraction Index of Water lab. To find the water trough use the container in the third drawer of Mrs. Duncan’s desk. The other lab is called Snell Practicum, work together with your partner on that lab. For the packet work, you will need your book to find the formulas for critical angle, wavelength, angle of refraction and index of refraction which is Snell’s law formula. There is a table in the book that will help you find the indices of refraction for various substances that will be very helpful. Good Luck!

wls589 Mar 26, 2010 7:43 am
In chapter 15 you will find refraction. On the book work you will use the equations in the chapter and the magnification equation from the last chapter. Make sure to check what kind of lens or mirror you are using in order to use the right sign (negative or positive). Also, speed of light in a vacuum is 3*10^8 one equation will use this as a known. On the Snell practicum lab you will get Mrs. Duncan's laser. Measure some positions and label them with letters. You will aim for a letter and try to hit the letter with the laser beam through the prism. Move the prism around not the laser beam. On the refractive index work the drawing of your glass outline will need to have two angles of incidence and two angles of refraction. Your experimental index will be based on your index of refraction.